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We all get them. Typically, anytime you buy something off a website, you are asked to join their newsletter for special offers and coupons exclusive to their newsletter subscribers.

The top question is “do they work?” It is one of those if you are not doing it, then you run the risk of being forgotten.

How can you start a digital newsletter for your agency? Here are the basics to get you started:

Medicare Digital Newsletters
  • You need email addresses.
    • Start collecting them from your clients and prospects. Even if you started today, no one knows how many subscribers you have but yourself.
  • You need a service to send these newsletters.
    • We suggest two main platforms: Mailchimp or Constant Contact. There are other services out there, but these are the two we have experience with. Mailchimp has a free option while Constant Contact has a free trial. Both platforms feature opt-out options which is required when email marketing.
  • Pick a frequency to send your newsletters.
    • How often are you going to send out your newsletter? We suggest no less than quarterly (4 times per year) up to monthly. There is no right answer as it is up to you.
  • Consider your content.
    • What are you going to say in your newsletter? We suggest at least 4 sections.
      • Top section – Main topic
      • Second section – Tip for your clients – Example – A great way to save on prescription drugs
      • Third section – testimonial
      • Fourth section – product offering
    • High resolution graphics should be a top priority as your newsletter should be just as visually appealing as it is informative.

Important Tips


  • Looking for Content?
    • Contracted Senior Marketing Specialists Agents can sign up for the SMS Agent Connect Facebook Group – Besides content for your social media channels, you can use this in your newsletter as well.
    • Contracted agents can also use our Agent Marketing Portfolio where we post quarterly newsletters that can be branded with the agents name and information. This is a great way to get a jump start on your newsletters! 
  • Call to Action
    • Your newsletter should have a clear call to action – You don’t want your recipients to just stay on there, you want to point them elsewhere.
  • Subject Line
    • Almost half of all email is deleted based on the subject line alone.  Make sure your subject line is captivating and interesting. 
  • Start Now
    • Done is better than perfect. Yes, your first few newsletter may be a little rough, however, as you create more, your content and layouts will improve. You can always send us your examples to review and help!

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