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Carrier reps have quotas. They have an expected amount of business they need to help grow and achieve within their accounts or designated areas. One of the ways they do this is with seminars or drop-in locations (kiosks). They need partnerships with agents and agencies to meet and exceed their quotas. They also have the backing of multi-million-dollar insurance companies at their disposal for marketing, advertising, and more.

When opportunities with seminars or kiosks come up, carriers will turn to the agents and agencies they have relationships with; rather than pick a random agent to work with, they are going to pick an agent they know and can trust to make the most of the opportunity. Translation: If they don’t know you, they’re not going to pick you.

partnering with medicare carriers

But how do you partner with a carrier rep?

After AEP, see how many sales you achieved for that carrier (the carrier of the rep you are meeting with). Offer to have a cup of coffee, lunch, or any other sit-down meeting with them. Show them your production, marketing activities, and other ways you are working on promoting their carrier. Then ask for advice, tips, etc., to help grow their brand.

After the meeting is over, implement their suggestions and ideas and then report back after a month or two to let them know the results. Rinse and repeat. Carrier reps don’t want one-off agents. They need strong partnerships and agents willing to do the work.

Once they see you are serious about working with them, they will be serious about working with you.

Need help? Give us a call at Senior Marketing Specialists and we can help you get ready to wow your rep and make the most of next year and AEP!

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