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Most agents, if not all, say thank you at the end of an appointment. It is polite and courteous and usually genuine. Most people will not even think about it and go about their day as soon as you both move on.

This is where a hand-written thank you card can really stand out.

“But can’t I just send an email?”

Yes, but I would not recommend it. Emails have become very ordinary and easy to dismiss. When was the last time you received an email? You probably have several new ones waiting for you by the time you finish this sentence. Now when is the last time you received a hand-written thank you card? While an emailed thank you would be better than nothing, it almost takes no more time to fill out a hand-written thank you card instead for a far better impact.

Retention and Thank You Cards Medicare Cafe

How can you do this?  It is easier than you think:

Step 1 – Buy Thank You Cards

I would typically buy blank thank-you cards. These can be picked up at your big box retailer such as Walmart or Target. Amazon also sells thank you cards (you can get 50 cards for around $10-$12 depending on the style).


Step 2 – What to Write

I wrote the same things in all my cards.

Dear [CLIENT].

Thank you for allowing me to help you with your Medicare coverage. [INSERT PERSONAL SENTENCE].  If you or anyone you know have questions, please feel free to contact me and/or pass my info along.


Mike Gattorna (800) 689-2800

What is that personal sentence? This is something from your conversation. Examples:

      • “Have a great trip to Florida this summer.”
      • “Enjoy that new grandbaby!”

This shows it is not just a standard generic thank you card, even though 80% of it is, that 20% will stand out.

Make sure you include several business cards in there.

Pro Tip – Insert a magnetic business card. This will usually make its way to the refrigerator and be kept in the open for a gentle reminder you are their agent.


Step 3 – Send Them

At the end of every appointment pull out a card and jot a quick thank you note. This will keep that personal sentence easy to remember. Close, seal, and stamp the envelop and mail out the next day.

One card should take you about 4 minutes to complete, but the lasting impression be endless!


Now stop reading this and go get some cards!

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