Medicare Café – Selling Off the Scope

The infamous Scope of Appointment (SOA), for many agents, is a stumbling block in an appointment—requiring a signature from a client or prospect before anything can even be discussed. It can seem like a challenge and, if approached incorrectly, can put that client or prospect on guard.

However, you can use the SOA to your advantage. How? Read on…

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Establishing Trust

Showing the prospect or client that you are reviewing federal documents about the appointment and what will be discussed will establish that you are following the rules, which can help establish trust.

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover

You know Medicare doesn’t cover dental, but this is a common misconception with people aging into or who have been on Medicare and not been to a dentist. By having your prospect or client insert their initials in the box next to dental you have an opportunity to educate your prospect or client on this misconception and start the dental conversation.

Hospital Bills

One of the most expensive co-payments your prospect or client may have will be in-patient hospitalizations. When your client initial next to this, you can let them know this is a large co-payment and there are options Medicare wants to make sure I (you, the agent) make known so you can minimize their out-of-pocket spending.

When presenting the SOA, you can make the following statement (or something similar to suit your personality and style):

“Before we begin, Medicare requires your signature which allows me to discuss the following options with you. This form is for your protection so no unethical agent can come in and try and sell you something that looks like insurance and isn’t. It’s also important that you know your options, which is why dental and hospital plans are on there, so you know some of the more common out-of-pocket risks you have on Medicare and to look at options how to minimize them.”

Make sure you are explaining the SOA to clients and opening the door to more open and honest conversations!

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