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It is no longer IF you should be using social media. It is HOW WELL you are using social media.

Social media has grown exponentially compared to every other form of media, even in the senior market. If grandparents are looking to get photos of their grandkids, they turn to social media.

While on social media, it is easy to start scrolling, and scroll, and scroll…until that proverbial rabbit hole ends in hours of cat videos. 

So where do you fit in?


We have discussed social media extensively on the Medicare Café, and have these 3 tips to get you going on your social media platforms:

Consistency in Posting

Inconsistency is one of the top reasons social media campaigns fail. Add to that any given post is only seen by 6-10% of your followers and you can see how posting 3-5 times per week isn’t a suggestion, it is a minimum requirement. 

80/20 Rule

80% of all your posts should be interesting or entertaining. Only 20% should be about what you offer. 


Many agents still post without photos or some type of graphic to go along with their content. Posts with images get 2-3 times more engagement than posts without.  There are numerous sites with royalty-free images such as Pixabay and Pexels. Simply find images you like and download them! You can also join our exclusive Agent Connect Facebook group for ready-made content, learn more here.

The #1 question we get about social media: will I get leads from all this?

Maybe, but you will get some retention and potentially some referrals (read that as some of the best leads). Will you get leads from completely new clients? Again, maybe, however, to turn this around, if you don’t post or use social media at all, any potential retention, referrals, new leads, etc., are completely gone.

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