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What is your overall goal in an insurance appointment?

To sell insurance.


There are a lot of other byproducts that result from an appointment, such as building a trusted relationship, earning referrals, etc. However, the goal is to sell a policy. For most consumers, if there isn’t an insurance need or concern, they are not reaching out to insurance agents “just to hang out.”

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Most consumers are also aware that you are a salesperson. Sure, you can call yourself a barrage of different names, such as health insurance advisor, or say “I help people address their medical concerns,” but after all is said and done, you are there to sell something. They know you will talk about some insurance policy that may address and solve their concerns. 

This brings us to the point…you must ask for the sale.

No, it doesn’t have to be a high-pressure situation or an ultimatum. In fact, the less you make it appear like either of these, the more likely your prospect will either buy insurance or not but keep you in their minds as a trusted advisor.

So, how do you do this?

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to this, but one method that has worked for me is:

“We can have this start on [DATE]. Does that work for you?”

This gives the power of the decision to the prospect, which makes them in control of the outcome, as opposed to feeling forced to make a decision. This also is an easy question to answer. A simple “yes” or “no.” The more complex you make the decision process, the more resistance you will receive.

Look at your sales process. Are you asking the prospect or client to make a simple and clear decision, or are you getting a lot of “I want to think about it” replies? Make sure you make it easy for your prospects and clients to say yes!

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