Using the Internet Effectively for Your Business

Mailers, friends, and family were the top places people on Medicare and aging into Medicare would turn for information. However, over the past handful of years, that has quickly been replaced with the internet.

With instantaneous information and endless resources, the internet is the starting and research point for most buying decisions people make when looking into Medicare for their own coverage. It has also turbo-charged the asking family and friend’s option. Why ask one friend when you can post a question on Facebook (the #1 social media not just for seniors but online overall) and ask them all at once.

Now the question becomes not IF you are online, but HOW WELL you are performing online.

Here are some quick ideas to brush off your internet dust and keep your info fresh:

1. Keep your website updated

This should happen at least annually. As Medicare rules and publication changes (such as the Medicare & You publication) so should your website. If your website and/or materials are out of date, that will not spark confidence to seniors to reach out to you.

2. Don’t go wide, go deep

There are numerous social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Toc, etc. Rather than be lack luster on all of them, choose one and make that your focal point. We would suggest Facebook since that is still the #1 platform online. This also allows you to have a business page for your clients and prospects to like and follow. 

3. Be consistent

The challenge with social media is transparency. Your posts are date and time stamped. If you have not posted in 6+ months, people will see that and may think you are not in business or are bad at communication. You should be posting at least 3x’s per week. This is easier than you think with SMS Agent Connect Facebook Group. If you have an active contract with Senior Marketing Specialists, you can be a part of the group and grab content to use on your social media.

4. Start now

According to Google, the two times Medicare is searched the most online is in October and December—the start of AEP and the end of AEP. Start feeding your Facebook page more content so when people visit your page, they see consistent info. Even if you have taken a break, you can start filling it now and most people will not scroll far enough to see that break if you have a month or two of consistent posts.

5. Read #4 again and actually do it.

Go to the SMS Agent Connect Facebook group and start posting. Go on…go.

Join the conversation every Tuesday at 10 am CST.

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