Medicare Café - Who Are Your Clients Using?

While you’re making a big deal of Medicare’s annual enrollment period, your professional partners may go on with “business as usual.” Getting them involved will not only get your referral stream going full steam, but it can also give those pro-partners more relevance to their clients.

Here’s how to get them involved—

Medicare Clients

Don’t focus on what they can do for you; focus on what you can do for them. If they’re offering financial services, start to tell your clients about their services. Estate planning? Ask your clients if they have any advanced directives. The more you show your pro-partners you are serious about working with them, the more likely they will be serious about working with you.

Who do your clients use?

One of the best ways is to ask your clients who they use. This will give you common ground with that potential pro partner (within the limits of HIPPA rules). 

  1. Ask your clients who they use for a particular service (financial planning, estate planning, P&C coverage, etc.)
  2. Reach out to that pro partner and let them know you were referred to them by a client
  3. Meet them for a quick 10 minutes discuss their services (and yours)
  4. Start to market them and send them some referrals
  5. Talk to them about some joint or co-op marketing
  6. Work together and grow each other’s businesses

This will take time.

Just like you would be protective over your clients, so will new pro-partners until they see you have their best interests in mind. Don’t push too hard or be too “salesy” as you may come off as too aggressive and turn away some pro-partners. 

Again, and I cannot stress this enough, don’t expect them to just start marketing you if you are not willing to do the same. The best way to earn a referral is to give one.

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