Medicare Café - Who Will Your Clients Call?

Your clients and prospects are going to be overwhelmed with 1-800 numbers to call.

Advertisements will be playing what seems like non-stop all through AEP with 800 numbers telling them they need to call for more information or to talk to a Medicare professional.

Their current plan has already sent them out information about that current plan and with numbers to call. If they change plans, they will have more 800 numbers thrown at them. In many cases, there will be several to choose from depending on their need or concern.

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However, the one number they need is YOURS! Making sure your clients and prospects know they can contact you with any concerns or needs should be part of your service. Even if you are directing them to a 1-800 number, at least they are getting the right one.


One way to make sure they have your number and you no longer come up as a stranger is to get in their cell phone. Most seniors, especially younger ones (65-70 years old) have phones, and most of those being smart phones. During the appointment, make sure your clients and prospects program your number into their phone so they know when you call, it’s not a random solicitation or stranger.



Check with your clients and prospects if texting is a viable form of communication with them. You may be surprised how many are texting friends and family. After all, this is one of the easiest ways for families to send photos of kids, animals, and other fun things.



Yes! In the days of old, when cell phone plans were limited in data and usage, cell phone numbers were privileged information and given out sparingly. However, now with unlimited plans and phone being attached to our hips, they are commonplace in business. Plus, it gives you the ability to text your clients and prospects.

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