Medicare Café - Your Website & What it Says About You

“Hey, you should use my agent. Here’s their card.”

This is what you want to happen when one of your clients is conversing with their family and friends, but what happens after that card is handed over?

Sure, some may pick up the phone and call. Others may do their due diligence and look you up online to see what others are saying and get a feel for you on their own. What are they going to find?

Your website.

What Your Website Says About You, Medicare Cafe

Your website is your digital resume. You want to give enough information to warrant the person visiting to act, but not so much that you drive them away. This is called the user experience or UX. How can you have a good website UX? Here are some tips to move people from your site and into an appointment.

  • Call to Action

As mentioned, the purpose of your website is for people visiting to act. There should be clear “contact me” options on every page. 

  • Text Layout

Most visitors to a website will look at 2-3 pages and spend 3 minutes on the entire website when using a desktop. When using a mobile device, they will only look at 1-2 pages and be on the site approximately 1 minute.

Knowing this, having long-form content on every page may seem overwhelming and cause people to leave before they consider contacting you. If your website is hard to read and navigate, that may portray that you are hard to work with.

If you are needing long form content, consider writing a blog or having read more sections of your site that visitors can click on within the page (not on your menu) for deeper dives into a particular topic. Otherwise, make sure your site is easy to read by using bullet points and short sentences. 

  • Modern Look

If your website design looks like it was created while browsing the web using AOL and a dialup modem visitors will just assume you are either:

      • Out of business or…
      • Don’t care about your own business so why would you care about theirs

Your website is a direct reflection on you. Keeping up to date and having a website that visitors expect to see, will let them know you are an agent worth doing business with.

  • Mobile Accessibility 

More and more seniors are using mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then you may lose that referral before they even look at your site because of it not loading on their phone or tablet.

Need a second opinion on your website? If you are looking for an audit of your site, give us a call at (800) 689-2800. We would be happy to review your site and give you suggestions. We can even build one for you! Read more about our website building services here.

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