Medicare Matters: Why We Should Be Researchers and Advisors

By: Dan Mangus, as featured by the America’s Benefit Specialist Magazine

Since the first time I stepped into a business with my father, a professional business analyst, I began to see things differently. It wasn’t just about sales—it was about service. There was a need for an advisor to dig deep into data, analyze it, and find new and improved ways of taking advantage of resources and ideas to better serve their clients. And use the insight gained by that analysis not just to land another sale, but also to communicate with clients about possibilities and add value to their lives.

There are many ways to find complete contentment in what you do for a living if you are willing to work hard for those who depend on you.

My father taught me to look into the eye of anyone with whom I was shaking hands. Why? It was because they deserved my full attention and respect. I could learn from them only if I was humble enough to know they had something to teach me. So, from a young age, I have been striving to learn from anyone I would meet or any piece of information that I come across. It may not always be obvious as to what that is, but it is always there if you look hard enough.

When I entered the insurance business, I found that I could change lives if I demonstrated a genuine concern for each person as someone unique. Every one of us has a distinctive set of needs and concerns. If I did my job right, I could ease their worries of potential financial loss and access to healthcare.

Indeed, many products are out there to be bought and sold—so many that few people, if any, could truly be familiar with all of them. But like a good physician looking for ways to ease patients’ pain, I was hungry to find the right product that would fit each of my clients’ needs. The complete answer often did not lie in just the products themselves. If often was in programs available through governmental agencies, organizations or companies outside the insurance industry. It didn’t matter where I found it. If it helped them, I was proud to present a possible solution.

There are many ways to find complete contentment in what you do for a living if you are willing to work hard for those who depend on you to do your utmost. Anyone I have worked closely with will hear me use the term “love.” I use that term because it takes a heartfelt emotional drive to look beyond instant financial gratification for everything you are doing to help your clients.

Our industry is changing very fast. The changing consumer, technology updates, changes in healthcare delivery, legislative and regulatory changes—virtually everything we see has changed in our business. That is never going to stop. All it is doing is adding to the opportunities to find new and improved ways to help your clients.

It will soon be 40 years ago that I had the incredible privilege of entering the insurance industry. After watching all of the changes, it’s obvious to me that one thing will never change: the need for someone who loves their clients enough to find any and every way to help them.

We are in a noble profession that allows us to be proud of what we do for a living. I encourage you to take advantage of every client meeting to show them that you have committed yourself to being the best you can be.

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As published in Americas Benefit Specialists Magazine January/February 2022 Page 34


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