During this difficult time, many agents are finding ways to stay productive and keeping business moving as usual. Check out these tasks you or your Administrative Staff could be working on to stay productive!

Prior to Appointment:

  • Using a Fact Finder – gathering information
  • Run Clients Quotes prior to apt.
  • Drug Lists on Medicare.gov
  • Make Files
  • Call to Confirm Apts and reschedule
  • Make sure you have the most up to date applications
  • Order Supplies/Manage Inventory
  • Keep tabs when licenses/E&O expire and get to FMO/Carriers
  • Help with any events or seminars coming up


  • Fax Applications
  • Help you find answers to odd questions

After Appointments:

  • Check on policy rates
  • Update Files
  • Input people into the database/CRM
  • Check Commissions
  • Track application to make sure it’s not pending on carrier portals
  • Call carriers if the application is pending to see why

Client Retention:

  • Thank You’s/Birthday Cards
  • Check on Rate increases
  • Bi-yearly letters to current clients
  • Cross Sell Letters
  • Update Facebook/Website
  • Book Follow Up Apts

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