While the 2017 AEP (Annual Election Period) has not yet begun, it’s important that you start planning your post-AEP approach right now. This way, when 2017 rolls around, you can have activity waiting for you. Here’s one simple way to maximize your post-AEP business.


How can I do this?

Simple! Set your post-AEP appointments prior to leaving your client’s / prospect’s home.  Even if the appointment is 6+ months out, you can still schedule the appointment and send them a reminder card in the mail to refresh their memory. Send the card about a week in advance to give them time to make sure they can still make the appointment or call you to reschedule.

Pro Tip: Leave a reminder card with your client at the end of the first appointment in addition to sending one in the mail.


Does that actually work?

Now, you may be thinking, “That’s so far out! Is this really effective?”  Just look at dentists.  They do the same thing for routine cleanings.  Before you leave the dentist office, they schedule you 6 months out for the next cleaning.  Even if you don’t know if you’re free, you will most likely feel obligated to keep the appointment or reschedule rather than just not show up.


Be Prepared!

So, before you start talking to clients / prospects during AEP, make sure you’re prepared to set up routine follow-up appointments for 2017 to keep your clients active. Now is the perfect time to pick up your 2017 appointment book, get more business cards printed, and choose a reminder card that best fits your business!


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Reminder: AEP begins October 15th. It is against CMS regulations to do AEP business prior to this date. Additionally, you may not market for AEP until October 1st.

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