Regardless of whether you attended our 2017 SMS Sales Summit or couldn’t make it, we want you to have all the juicy information! It was impossible to go to every breakout even for those who made their way to Columbia, Missouri last month. And that’s why we have scheduled post-summit webinars! Head over to our Events page to see the June webinar dates or register through the links below.


June 14 @10 AM: Social Media

As the business world quickly turns to web-based platforms, it’s no wonder your potential clients look for an agent online. To help you stand out in the of sea brokers, you’ll not only need a social media presence but know how to maximize it! Join Sarah Speigle, Content and Branding Specialist, and Mike Gattorna, Lead Trainer from Senior Marketing Specialists as they walk you through the process of becoming a social media master.

All attendees will receive our Social Media Strategy Guide!


June 15 @ 11 AM: Uncovering Money Your Clients Need to Buy Your Product

How many of us have clients who want and need your products, but simply can’t afford one more bill? In this session we will walk you through numerous ways to save your clients cash, leaving those dollars available to use towards other important insurances. This creates a win-win situation, as your profit per appointment increases all the while affording your clients the protections they want and need.


June 28 @ 10 AM: Breaking Down Branding

Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or 30 seconds, branding should be on your mind. Agents often ignore their brand even though branding plays a huge part in the success or failure of your business. Maybe you’re just starting out. Perhaps you need a refresher. Regardless of your situation, let Mike, Sarah, and Allie from Senior Marketing Specialists walk you through the essentials, branding consistency, and how to best promote your brand.


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