Join Senior Marketing and take your sales sky-high. With our experience and product portfolio — combined with the support and resources provided by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare) — the dream of making a great living could be a reality. With our agency, you could have the opportunity to offer AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare.

  • > The only Medicare supplement insurance plans that carry the AARP name
  • > Stable annual rate increases averaging 2.9% nationally from 2011 to 20152
  • > Medicare supplement plans offered in all states and some territories
Help those eligible for Medicare get the health insurance coverage they need. Call today to find out how we can help you go above and beyond your sales goals. Please note that with the nature of the AARP | UnitedHealthcare products and the required certifications, that no product forms or plan information may be posted on our site. Please contact one of our marketers today to learn about what is available in your market.

Available AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare Plans: