Quote-Engine-Icon No one likes to see the check engine light. An unreliable engine, especially for an insurance producer, is a quick way to find yourself stranded. You wouldn’t take chances with your car’s engine, why take chances with your quote engine?

Let us show you the new model. Trade up for something faster, more reliable, and, technically, extremely good on gas. Its towing capacity isn’t going to win any awards, but it was voted the “best agent tool in the industry” by a recent survey of agents just like you. Take it for a spin, we won’t tell your old quote engine.

Enrollment Tool Training

Below are some learning resources, powered by CSG, the multi-carrier Enrollment Platform:

Application Full Demo      |      E-App Rate Changes      |      E-App Signature Options      |      E-App Underwriting

Are you using the quote engine to it’s full potential?

Take a quick minute and learn some of the key features of our industry leading Medicare & Senior Product quote engine.

Learn how to:

  • Download the rate change report
  • Personalize the quote with your informatio
  • Factor underwriting conditions within the quote
  • Email or print out the quote
  • Add Hospital Indemnity to a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • And more!

Contracted agents have immediate access to utilize all the benefits of the Senior Marketing Specialists Quote Engine. Click here to register today, or call us at (800) 689-2800 to learn how to gain access to this invaluable tool!

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