Thank you to all the agents who participated in the 2018 Post-AEP survey. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.

We have assembled all the data from the survey and are proud to share the results with you.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us!


The Results


Q1:  How many AEP’s have you been a part of?


More agents are coming into the Medicare field. There is almost an 8% jump from last year for agents in the field 2-5 years.


Q2:  What was your primary marketing method (check all that apply)?


Current clients and referrals was by far the #1 marketing method. This may have included ensuring clients are on the correct plan for 2018.

While some agents are against marketing booths, almost a quarter of agents used them this past AEP.

Social media is a great way to maintain your presence not only in AEP but throughout the year. More and more people 65+ are online, with more than 62% using Facebook. They are going to find the 18% of agents on social media.

Need help getting on and using Facebook? We can help!


Q3:  How many total sales did you have this AEP?



Q4:  How many new clients did you add to your book of business?


While many agents had 50+ sales this AEP, about half of the agents only added 25 or fewer new clients.  A lot of AEP business is maintaining your current clients.


Q5:  Did you use electronic applications this AEP?


This is almost an even field. About 35% of agents used primarily e-apps, almost 35% used some e-apps but wrote more paper applications, and about 30% used no e-apps at all.

Why are e-apps so important?

  • They reduce your post appointment time
  • Help streamline the application submission process
  • Can eliminate clerical errors
  • No paper cuts

Okay, maybe not that last one, but e-apps can help you save time and simplify your process!


Q6: What is your Post AEP Plan?

This question did not have pre-selected answers. Agents were able to write in their plan.
NOTE: Duplicate answers or similar answers were omitted. Mike’s comments in red.

  • Quarterly educational seminars and working with agents who are not in the Medicare market
  • Sleeeeeeeep! And then get to work with follow ups and working in e-apps becoming more common place in our office.
  • Work lead list for MAPD opt out starting Jan 1st. The MADP period is from 1/1 – 2/14
  • Networking Professional partnerships! Great for referrals !
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mailers
  • Turning 65 (T65) market
  • To follow up in January to review their plan. Throughout the year contact my Advantage Clients and remind them to use their additional benefits. OTC To send a Mailer in Feb. for Childs
  • Life Ins. – When I meet with them to do a Fact Finder for their current needs. To get a Facebook page set up. Continue to use Linked. Great plan!
    Follow up with people I spoke with during AEP to ensure they received everything and progress into additional sales and referrals.
  • Final Expense
  • Contact new clients and schedule in home appt. to review Life Insurance and/or Supplemental Insurance like Hospital Indemnity, etc.
  • I will be sending thank you letters in early January including a reminder to members to watch for their OTC Essentials booklets.
  • Go to Mexico to de-compress! I will be looking for my ticket to join you.
  • DUAL ELIGIBLE Plans , Referrals and T-65 contacted through my marketing kiosk
  • Do “New Member Orientation” in January
  • Glass of wine. Oh, sorry! direct mail offering life, etc to clients Never apologize for wine!
  • Continue to teach classes/seminars Referral bonus program Partner w/professionals CPA’s CFP Social Workers and other non competing agents
  • Continue to write a quarterly commentary to all clients
  • Start cross selling more and also start prospecting for 2018!
  • For starters, setting up our new CRM with auto emails to assist with servicing. Work on creating a marketing campaign to build on our client base.
  • JANUARY 1. Group Meetings for new members to learn nuances of their MAPD plan (diabetic meters, mail order, Silver Sneakers, Reward Programs for preventative services, etc) FEBRUARY 2. DVH Seminars inviting BOB (book of business) MARCH 3. Hospital Indemnity Seminars to BOB APRIL 4. Final Expense Seminars to BOB Great Plan!
  • Incorporate e-apps into our daily lives! Push harder for more sales!


AEP is a reflection of your marketing efforts throughout the year.  It is very difficult to have a bad year in sales and marketing and a great AEP. For some markets, AEP is the new T65 arena with all the marketing pieces and communication from carriers and agents. If you need help with your plan, we can help with a personalized marketing plan. 1-800-689-2800.




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