Develop your Marketing Plan

Determine how many leads you need each month to achieve your monthly and annual sales goals. Think about key items like what kind of business or what market you wish to work in. Do you need to add a younger demographic to your aging current client base?

Select the Message

Select the message that best fits your selling style. Between the numerous lead vendors, pre-approved carrier pieces, and custom postcards and flyers we can provide, there are a number of proven messages for you to utilize.

Who to Target

There are several ways for you to determine the best list of prospects to use for your selected program. What product are you selling? What are the income demographics in your area? Is there a specific age group of individuals where rates are more competitive? We can help you narrow down your target market with demographics, carrier rates, discounts, market saturation, etc.

Mailing Campaign Starts

Depending on what media you choose for your lead campaign, your leads could start coming in immediately or it could take up to several weeks. Make sure you are prepared to handle leads immediately as they come in. The older and colder a lead gets the more likely it is that another agent has taken care of that clients needs.

So Who do I Order my Leads From?

Senior Marketing Specialists has partnerships with various lead sources and vendors to get you the best rates and return.  Here are a few Lead Companies that we recommend you try out.

Sales Dialers.com

THE PHONE DIALER THAT’S EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO USE, EASY TO LOVE. Senior Marketing Specialists has partnered with SalesDialers.com to offer this price reduction to our members!

ARM Leads

ARM Leads has special pricing for SMS contracted agents. With multiple lead cards to choose from including DVH, Turning 65 and combo cards for Medicare Supplement and Final Expense. Please select the link for the catalog and order form.

Target Leads

Target Leads has special pricing for mail order campaigns with national averages reaching past 4%!

Legacy Safeguard

United of Omaha has developed an industry leading Final Expense lead solution with Lead Concepts that includes discounted pricing and multiple lead types.

Monumental Life also features a Legacy Safeguard leads program. No Commission Reduction, FREE Membership in Legacy Safeguard, No POS Interview, Exclusive Territory, Lead Liaison… All you could ask for in a leads program and so much more!

Contact us today to get contracted and start using the Legacy Safeguard system.

Transameria Solution Program

Transamerica’s company sponsored & supported direct mail program with discounted Final Expense Leads.