If you have potential clients that have not purchased from prior meetings (sometimes called cold leads or “B” leads), there are several effective ways to keep you top of mind and active if those prospects should have a situation change.


If you have an active newsletter, make sure you tell all your prospects and client about it and have them be a part of it.
They can opt in with an email address, or you can mail them a physical copy (regardless of them opting in).


A Follow-Up Call
A simple follow up call is also an effective way to check-in on prospects.
Letting your prospects know at initial appointments that you reach out to your clients from time to time to check in or if there are any market changes is a great way keep the lines of communication open.


A Simple, Effective Email

Subject: Your Insurance Coverage
Email Body: Hi (client name). I wanted to check in with you and see if you still need help with your insurance?

This simple email is very effective for two reasons:

  1. It is simple to read. For the clients who open the email before they know it, the email is read. There is little to no thinking or effort for the client to receive the message.
  2. There is a clear call to action.

Will everyone open the email? Of course not. Will everyone reply? No. However, the clients who now need help or have been thinking about getting help, have a clear and simple way of contacting you by either replying to the email or picking up the phone and calling you.