As marketing strategies evolve, Senior Marketing Specialists strives to keep up with popular trends. Recently, social media marketing has become the norm as opposed to print and radio ads. To aid agents with this drastic medium change, we created SMS Agent Connect. This resource is a secret Facebook group designed to ease the transition and time commitment when it comes to managing a Facebook Business page. We’d love for you to join! All you need is one contract through Senior Marketing Specialists and a desire to start or improve your Facebook marketing. Here’s what you need to know.


What is SMS Agent Connect?

SMS Agent Connect is a closed Facebook group. We created Agent Connect to provide our agents with content for their Facebook marketing efforts pages. All generic images and videos are compliant, royalty-free, and available for use in their current state. This free content is made especially for agents to download and use as their own. We also encourage agents to post questions, comments, and ideas to the page. SMS regularly updates and monitors the group to answer questions and make clarifications.


Who Can Join?

SMS Agent Connect is exclusive to SMS contracted agents. If you currently have at least one active contract with Senior Marketing Specialists, you’re golden! If you don’t yet have any carriers through us, gives us a call and we will find you some competitive options!


How Much Does It Cost?

Absolutely nothing! That’s right, there’s no fee to join or use any of the content provided. This is just one of the many services we offer our agents!


How Do I Join?

Now that you’re excited about the group, all there’s left to do is join! Follow the steps below to get started!

1. Log in to Facebook

2. Search “SMS Agent Connect

Use the Facebook search bar to find the group or click the link above!

3. Request to Join

Click the green request button to let us know you want to join the group!

4. Wait for Approval

When we receive your request, we do a quick check to make sure you are contracted. If you are, we’ll approve your SMS Agent Connect membership! From there you are free to browse the group. (Please allow two business days for your request processing.)

We hope to see your request to join soon! If you don’t have a Facebook account, but the idea of social media marketing intrigues you, let your sales director know! We love helping agents set up Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


If you have additional questions about the group, Facebook marketing, or contracting, contact us! (800) 689-2800


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