So you want to start social media marketing? Not sure what to expect? We at Senior Marketing Specialists have realized, through personal experience and helping agents, there are 5 distinct stages of social media marketing. These stages are by no means scientific, but to us and our agents, they are very very real. And despite some of the more unpleasant stages, we wholeheartedly encourage you to have a strong online presence! So don’t worry about getting stranded in one of the 5 Stages of Social Media Marketing. We’re always here to help you out.


SMS’s 5 Stages of Social Media Marketing


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So you finally decided to put yourself out on the inter-webs. Congratulations! This is a big step for your business that has loads of potential. You’re probably teaming with excitement. The anticipation of gaining followers and referrals and likes and comments and who knows what else is overwhelming, but magnificent none-the-less. You see the opportunities in social media and you’re ready to take advantage of them.


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Now that you’ve done your happy dance, you sit down to create a page for your business and it hits you. You have no idea what you’re doing. Which category does my business fall under? What am I supposed to use as a profile picture? How often am I supposed to post and what the heck do I post about? It’s a great deal to take in, we know. But don’t panic! Our job is to help you thrive in every aspect of your business and social media is no exception! Give your SMS Sales Director a call. They will set up a time for you to come in to our office or have an in-depth phone call over all your questions.


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You finally got the basics down. You already made several posts. People are liking and sharing your page. You probably feel pretty good about yourself. And you should! You’ve come a long way and it’s a great feeling to know your way around social media. You are likely seeing a steady rise in activity as your friends, family, and clients respond to your requests for interaction. It’s a good time for your business and you are definitely digging this social media thing.


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There will likely come a time that you begin to see less and less activity and interaction on your page. No matter how many golden posts you create or how enticing your email campaigns become, you may experience the dreaded plateau. Your basic knowledge got you this far, but now it’s time to get more creative with your marketing efforts. That’s where we come in! Start by reading 7 Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips to Cure Your Follower Crisis. Then give us a call! Our team specializes in the senior market and has endless ideas about how to market to these individuals.


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Hopefully, after some creative marketing and the implementation of a few advanced strategies, you will begin to notice a rise in page activity. The key is to not get too confident again. Continue to engage with others online. Keep posting contests or give-aways or funny cat videos if you find that’s what works! Remember that it’s not necessarily what you think is right, it’s all about your followers. So continue to experiment and, as always, give Senior Marketing Specialists a call if you have questions or need more ideas!


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