This AEP You Have TWO Opportunities to Join Virtual AEP Bootcamp!

In the Virtual AEP Bootcamp webinar, we will review all things necessary to have a successful AEP. Working your client database, old leads, new leads, and everything in between.

This year, you have two opportunities to get all this information! 

Make sure you are ready October 1st with a successful game plan for AEP!

To see more free webinar opportunities from Senior Marketing Specialists, visit our Events Page!

See what other Agents have to say about Senior Marketing Specialists!

“I have worked with several FMO’s in my time and I have found that your organization provides more services than any that I have experienced before. Most of the other FMO’s only contact me when they are promoting another product whereas you guys help me to grow the business with the products I already sell. A case in point is the meeting I will be attending later this month on how to get the most out of the fast approaching AEP season.”
-Don W.

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