CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) have released the 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

For insurance agents, there is not a lot of changes.  All the previous marketing rules and regulations are still in place.  For Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans, the following are still enforced:

  • No unsolicited direct contact
  • Cannot market upcoming plan year prior to October 1st
  • Current reward and incentive programs cannot be used to target potential enrollees
  • All social media marketing must comply with all marketing rules
  • All telephonic activities must comply with all marketing rules

CMS also clarified compensation rules, which are in the most part the same as they have been over the past year.

You may download your own copy of the 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines below:

2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

NOTE:  Insurance carriers may have different requirements from CMS.

Example, while CMS requires applications be submitted within 48 hours, some carriers require 24 hours.

Check with your carriers or contact Senior Marketing Specialists for more information.  You may also visit our compliance section here.

Compliance Tip: When in doubt ask; don’t assume.