2018 Certification:

Certification Portal: https://sentinelelite.com/ 

  1. Please select “Forgot Password” if unable to log in and follow directions to reset your log in password or contact one of us listed below in Need Help section to reset it
  2. You may have to log in twice, this is a known error and will not create an issue.
  3. Once logged in, please click “orange button in top right of the dashboard” and type in the above PIN
  4. We recommend you send the attached user guide along with the PIN numbers to your downline agents to help them with the process.  They should follow the guide and check it before calling an Essence representative.
  5. Please advise if you want Essence to contact directly with brokers regarding certification.  We will assume you will send this info to your downline at this point.
  6. Remember that the principal and all brokers must attend a face to face training to move forward in the program.  The final product training test will not open until after you have attended the face to face event.

2018 Recertification Deadline for Renewals: 12/31/2017

(NOTE: On June 1st the agents lose their AOR on existing clients and they are reassigned to Essence, so it’s very important that agents recertify by the deadline)

General Information:


Essence Contacts:

  • St Louis/Boone County
  • Southwest MO
  • If there are technical issues, please contact Sentinel Elite directly  |  888.439.3337

Provider and Formulary Look Up:

Essence Find a Doctor Tool

Downloadable Provider Directory (8.28.17)