2018 Certification:

To transfer over your AHIP to Wellcare, you will need your NPN number and password.

Steps to start you your certification

  • Go to wellcareuniversity.com.
  • Enter the username indicated within your welcome email.
    • First time users: initial password will be Master1 and will prompt users to create a permanent  password.
    • Returning users: utilize the password you have previously created for WellCare U
  • Once logged in, hover over the Learning tab at the top and click View your Transcript.
  • Select Active from the first drop down menu, and find the course. Please note all ACT courses will be displayed on your active transcript.
  • Click the Launch button to the right of the course, and once the course is completed it will move to your completed transcripts under Complete within the first drop down menu. Please note the curriculum consists of several courses listed on the welcome email and a mastery exam.

Applications & Submission:

Agent Assisted Online Enrollment

Enrollment Using Your Personal URL


SOA Form:

Wellcare Scope of Appointment 2018


General Information:

Wellcare Agent Portal

Wellcare Important Numbers 2018

Wellcare Contact List 2018


Provider and Formulary Look Up:

Wellcare Provider Search Tool


Events, Presentations, and Materials:

2017 Wellcare Presentation

Wellcare Event Reporting

Wellcare Marketing Do’s and Don’ts