Medicare Compliance Compass

Pointing you in the right direction with Medicare compliance rules and regulations. Compliance Compass: Scope of Appointment Form: Multi-Product Scope of Appointment (Aetna – Industry Generic) Medicare Marketing Guidelines 2017: 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines Do’s and Don’ts CMS Resources: CMS FAQ – Medicare Marketing Guidelines frequently asked questions […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 29, 2016

CMS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training

This year, agents who are not taking AHIP certification will have to complete the CMS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training course online.  This video will walk you through how to complete the training. NOTE:  If you have completed your AHIP certification, you are not required to complete this CMS training. […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 31, 2016

2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) have released the 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines For insurance agents, there is not a lot of changes.  All the previous marketing rules and regulations are still in place.  For Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans, the following […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 31, 2016

eEnroll Compliance Update

From UHC EDC Medicare Solutions Agent Guide (Version 2.3 Dated 2/5/2016) Page 99: Agents are prohibited from completing the web enrollment on behalf of the consumer or at the consumer’s request. However, an agent may be on the telephone in order to assist the consumer with a web enrollment. Agents […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 31, 2016

CMS Acronym Library

CMS Acronym Educational Tool What do all these letters mean?  CMS uses acronyms for everything, and industry to industry and even carrier to carrier, acronyms don’t always mean the same thing. After a while it can look like a letter overload. However, the Medicare Learning Network has released this guide […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 31, 2016