Working for an insurance agency or a marketing firm can be a daunting prospect. There are so many carriers, so many products, and so many ways to reach your goals. What you need is a plan. What you need is a partner. What you need, is a specialist. We specialize in helping you grow and thrive in a growing market.

2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) have released the 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines For insurance agents, there is not a lot of changes.  All the previous marketing rules and regulations are still in place.  For Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans, the following […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 31, 2016

CMS Acronym Library

CMS Acronym Educational Tool What do all these letters mean?  CMS uses acronyms for everything, and industry to industry and even carrier to carrier, acronyms don’t always mean the same thing. After a while it can look like a letter overload. However, the Medicare Learning Network has released this guide […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on August 31, 2016

Compliance Training for Office and Administrative Staff

Fraud Waste and Abuse training should be completed by any and all office staff working with and around clients and client data. To complete the training visit: Once Logged in, type “Medicare C and D” in the search bar. Enroll in the first two courses “Medicare Part C and D General […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on December 5, 2017