Senior Marketing Specialists has a very close working relationship with our local food bank, The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri ( Throughout the year we host numerous campaigns and events to raise money and donations for the organization.  This spring we had a food drive.  Then in early summer we participated in the Float Your Boat competition.  We actually built a boat (rules state it must be made from all cardboard) and raised money, took donations and raised awareness for the food bank.  Not only did our cardboard boat not sink, the Food Bank presented the SMS Team with an award for raising over $500.00. Special thanks to Olivia and Chad for building the boat and for Duncan and Jada for being brave enough to man the boat over water.

In August we had a second food drive and thanks to everyone who participated we were able to provide over 400 meals to those in need.  We will continue to work with the food bank in whatever capacity they need us to in order to help provide much needed meals to the communities members in need.