Our January 2015 adventures took some of the SMS staff to Granny’s House, a local after school program for low income and refugee children. We threw a “welcome back” pizza party for the kids after winter break and took toys and games for them. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to do more with them. You can find pictures of our Granny’s House adventure here.

“I want everyone to know what a BIG deal last night was to Pam and the Granny’s House kids. Every family got at least one pizza and cookies to take home and share. One little boy picked up his pizza and said “Wow, my WHOLE family gets dinner tonight!” (If anyone needs tissues… I’ve got a fresh box). Another boy had his in hand and said “I’m bringing home the bacon tonight!…wait is pepperoni bacon?” “Nope” “….then I’m bringing home the pep’!”

Thanks to everyone who participated. You made a world of difference to these kiddos.”