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Think Phone Sales Systems are Only for Call Centers?

think again.

The market is changing.

Nearly 75% of insurance business sold in 2018, and beyond, will be transacted over the phone and through the internet.

The Senior Insurance Market is no Exception…

Why would I want to change the way I do business, you may ask?

  1. Remember, it’s not about how you’re selling, it’s about how they are selling. The entire world, every industry, from manufacturing, to retail, to the service sector are moving towards online and telephonic (non-face to face selling) methods. Why? Because they are following the buying trends. Consumers don’t want to leave their homes to go shopping when in 1/4 of the time and a lot less hassle they can click a few times an be done. It’s naive to think our industry can avoid this trend. It’s here, be aware.
  2. Think of the expanded geographical area for prospecting! That in itself should excite you… but read on if you still need a little more convincing.
  3. Uncomfortable with change? There is no reason to change your entire business model. You can still do face-to-face and local market selling. Simply adding phone sales to your list of selling strategies could exponentially increase your client base and income. You could do this by hiring a summer intern, having your office administrative staff call during down times, or a retired family member looking for a little extra income. Your callers are simply setting appointments for you to make the sale. And that’s what you do best right? Sell.
  4. With phone sales, all applications are submitted electronically or telephonically. This means, in most cases, you have approval on the app by the end of the call. No more waiting on slow letters in the mail, no more scrambling to submit missing information, no more hassle of faxing and mailing apps.

So where should I start?

Through trial and error we have identified the best states for phone appointment setting and selling.

  • Kansas
    • $5-20 per Carrier per Person/Corporation Appointment
    • Not Good for GI Situations with Commissions
  • Missouri
    • Free State Appointments
    • MO Anniversary Rule – Easy to Move | More Customer Service Required | Less Commissions
  • Illinois
    • Household Discount Only if Both Enroll in the Same Carrier
  • Michigan
    • Commissions are Higher, but Only Paid for 3 Years Instead of 6 Like Most States
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Arizona
    • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplements endorsed by AARP is Dominate in the Market
    • AZ Does Not Observe Daylight Savings Time
  • Pennsylvania


Certain carriers are also more friendly to work with when adding a phone sales system to your practice.

  • Mutual of Omaha
    • Doesn’t Charge State Licensing Fees
    • Easy e-Application
    • Pays Well
    • Household Name
  • Manhattan Life
    • Easy e-Application
    • Client Doesn’t Need Technology to Sign
    • Easy to Work with Back Office
  • Cigna
    • Easy e-Application
    • Household Name
  • American Continental (Aetna Med Sup)
    • Doesn’t Charge State Licensing Fees
    • Household Name
    • easy e-application
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplements endorsed by AARP
    • 1 in 3 senior have
    • Great Household Name
    • Easy Underwriting
  • Transamerica
    • Easy e-Application
    • Pays Well
    • Household Name
  • Central United Life (CUL)
    • Dental Option
  • Medico
    • Multiple Product Lines (MS, HIP, DVH, STC)
    • Easy e-Application
  • Everest
    • Easy e-Application
    • Household Name

Quadruple Your Calls, Quadruple Your Sales.

Senior Marketing Specialists and ProspectBoss.com are proud to announce a unique new partnership for all agents in the insurance industry.

The phone and internet sales trend is creating unique opportunities for agents in the market, specifically Senior Marketing Specialists agents. We have been working behind the scenes to build the perfect program for our agents to take advantage of this colossal opportunity!

There are 5 basic components to selling successfully over the phone.

  1. A Good List
  2. A Good Script | Talking Points & Rebuttals
  3. A Good Phone System | CRM Tracking
  4. A Professional Online Presence
  5. A Step-by-Step Plan for Client Retention

Our system has all of these things PLUS a community to be a part of.


SMS Negotiated VIP Pricing & Systems No One Else in the Country Can Offer You Full Access to Our Experienced Trainers, Agent Support & Strategic Directors A Community of Mentors, Agent Peers & Resources Available Only to SMS Agents


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In tradition of saving the best for last… agents that would like to work sales leads over the phone, but not have the extra work of making the initial cold-calls, Senior Marketing Specialists has developed an exclusive package that includes a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT; someone that will make the initial calls and only pass on the leads to you.


A Savings of Nearly $1,000 a Year!

As a member of the Senior Marketing Specialists community, you will have the advantage of VIP pricing and systems that no one else in the country can offer you.

Regular Agent Monthly Pricing
3-Line Solution System ($109) + Unlimited Data ($69) = Total of $178.00 per month

Senior Marketing Specialists Agent Monthly Pricing
3-Line Solution System + Unlimited Data = Total of $99 per month

Contact your Account Manager for details.

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