Your Outgoing Voicemail

What is a reasonable callback time? 5 hours? 8 hours? Next Day? You can ask 10 different people and get 10 different answers. This is why it is important to set the standard for your clients and prospects who leave you a message.

“Hello, you have reached Mike. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will return your call within 48 business hours.”

Now, anyone who leaves you a message can expect a call back within 2 business days (or 48 hours). If they would like a call back sooner, they can address this in the message, and that may be “please call me as soon as possible.” Those messages you can move to the top of the callback list.


Leaving Voicemails

Voicemail can be a great way to help guide your client or prospect through your follow-up process and put you in a professional light, rather than seem like a burden with numerous messages. When leaving a message, end it with your next step.

“Good morning Mr. Smith. This is Mike. We met last week about your Medicare plan and I wanted to make sure all your questions are answered. If I don’t hear back from you by Friday afternoon, I will try back. Thank you.”

Now you have a next step with your prospect. When you call them back Friday afternoon, you are now just doing what you said you would do, showing you are reliable.


Still Not Calling You Back?

If you have left a handful of messages for a prospect with your next steps and they are still not calling you back, then you can let them know you will stop by closing their file.


“Hello Mr. Smith. This is Mike. I understand you are busy and may not have time to talk. I am going to go ahead and close your file at this time and will try you back at the next enrollment season. If you have questions, you can feel free to reach out. Thank you.”

Sometimes, hearing their file will be closed will create a sense of urgency to contact you. Or if not, at least you know not to keep on leaving messages and move on to other prospects.


The Email Voicemail

If you want to increase your chance of prospects returning your message, send them an email every time you leave them a voice message. For some, sending back an email is far easier or more comfortable than returning a phone call.

Subject line: Voicemail
Email body: The message you left


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