Plan Year Info

2021 Contracting & Certification

In order to streamline the contracting process, we have combined our separate contracts into one, combined Centene Broker Contract.

Action Required
  • Click here to access the combined Centene Broker Contract via DocuSign PowerForm.
  • Contracting must be completed as soon as possible but no later than September 30, 2020.
  • All brokers must review, acknowledge, and complete the combined Centene Broker Contract.

Important Notes

  • The cell phone number field is required. Only a cell phone number used for business should be entered. We use this information for individualized marketing purposes on your behalf, such as the PURL, and occasionally send text message updates. (Standard text messaging rates will apply.)
  • You will not be able to make any changes to your commission assignment in this contracting process. If you would like to make changes to your commission assignment, please utilize Workflow Agent 360.
  • Completing the combined Centene Contract will not change your current contract level. Your contract level will remain the same as it currently stands with WellCare. We will work through any contract level differences for those who are dually contracted with WellCare and Centene on an individually basis.
  • We are collecting EFT/ACH banking information; however, this commission payment information will not be used until October 1, 2020. If you need to change your current commission payment method, please utilize PaySpan.
  • The fee schedule addendum has not been finalized and is not included within this contracting process; it will be communicated separately.
  • This contracting process will not necessarily update or change any information on file; however, all information provided should be accurate and up to date. If any changes are needed, please utilize Workflow Agent 360. 
  • Unless you are currently, separately contracted with Centene, you will not be eligible to market or sell Centene products, Allwell, Ascension Complete, Fidelis Care, Health Net, for Plan Year 2020 until the combined Centene Broker Contract and 2021 AHIP & Annual Certification Training (ACT) are completed.
  • You will not be eligible to market or sell any Centene or WellCare products for Plan Year 2021 until the combined Centene Broker Contract and 2021 AHIP & ACT are completed.
  • If you do not complete the combined Centene Contract and/or do not complete 2021 AHIP & ACT before September 30, 2020, your Broker Status will be changed to Suspended, and you will not be eligible to receive commissions for any prior business, including renewals.
  • Completing the combined Centene Contract will not change your current contract level.

Plan Year Info

2020 Wellcare Expansion Counties

  • Standalone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Growth – Wellcare has expanded their nationwide PDP coverage by acquiring Aetna standalone Part D (PDP) products for a total of 6 national PDP plans.

    Medicare Advantage Growth – Wellcare is expanding their footprint into Ohio, Indiana and Michigan by acquiring Medicare Advantage and Medicaid company, Meridian. Additionally they are expanding their footprint into Missouri, New Hampshire and Washington.

2020 Certification

Opened July 9th, 2019

Certification Website: https://wellcare.csod.com/client/wellcare/default.aspx 

Certification Confirmation Notice – Upon completion of 2020 certification requirements, you will receive the following WellCare communications from Wellcare:

  • Text message confirmation your 2020 certification requirements have been processed
  • Congratulatory email on next steps, key timelines, and the new What to Expect sales materials packet

Wellcare and AHIP:

  • 2020 AHIP will suffice to market/sell both 2019 and 2020 WellCare product
  • WellCare does not accept other Medicare fraud, waste and abuse training in place of AHIP
  • Returning Partners: Access AHIP and login to your account, then click Transmit next to WellCare (1099)
  • New Partners: To connect your WellCare University account and your AHIP account, you must use the co-branded link to transmit your completed AHIP for the first time