To help agents better understand what it is we do here at Senior Marketing Specialists and more importantly, why agents want to be a part of that, we put together some basic FAQ’s about what benefits to expect when partnering with Senior Marketing Specialists as an FMO.

What are the advantages of using Senior Marketing Specialists?

By partnering with Senior Marketing Specialists, you get access to our entire team.

What is an FMO?

FMO stands for field marketing organization. You can picture an FMO as an extension of an insurance carrier. However, they will work with and specialize in multiple carriers. You may also hear the terms IMO which is Independent Marketing Organization or NMO which stands for National Marketing Organization.

How is Senior Marketing Specialists different from other FMOs?

We offer specialized departments that can help our agents with:

  • portfolio set up and management
  • application scrubbing
  • one-on-one personalized business development plans
  • customized agent training
  • personalized and compliant marketing pieces
  • and even an entire onboarding team dedicated to helping our agents with our products and services

Everything we create and every relationship we build is fueled by a passion to help agents succeed in every step of their journey.

What do we do for you?

Our back office support for you can include the above plus application scrubbing (making sure the application is complete prior to submission), field underwriting support, marketing programs, training programs, and more.

Do I have to assign my commissions to SMS?

No.  SMS does not require any agents to assign their commissions for most contracts.  The only exception is if the carrier requires the commission be assigned to the FMO.  However, this is not a typical situation.

Do I have to place all my contracts through Senior Marketing Specialists?

No.  You can place one or all your contracts through Senior Marketing Specialists. However it is our hope that we provide enough value to your business and personal growth that future contracts are requested from us as your FMO.

Do you offer releases?

Should you not want to have Senior Marketing Specialists as your FMO, we honor releases provided there is no debit balance between the agent and Senior Marketing Specialists.

Will my commissions be reduced if I contract with SMS vs. going direct with the carrier?

No. We offer direct level contracts to agents.  In some cases, we can offer you above street level contracts and help you to place agents under your hierarchy.

To initiate contracting with a carrier or product you can give us a call at 1-800-689-2800 or simply fill out the form below and one of our trusted specialists will reach out to you with assistance. 

Contracting Initiation Form

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