2019 Certification:

2019 UnitedHealthcare Certification Walkthrough Video (must be logged in to view)

https://www.uhcjarvis.com – $50 discount off the AHIP (Total cost: $125)

  • UHC doesn’t require the AHIP, but it will transfer and satisfy the Medicare Basics, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans portion of the certification.  Important:  You must transfer your AHIP completion BEFORE accessing the UHC training.  Failure to do so will result in your AHIP score being rejected.  After completion go to the home page and click – transmit to UHC.

2019 UnitedHealthcare Certification User Guide

Annual certification cutoff date to receive renewal commissions: Information coming soon

Find local training events here

(NOTE: any agent who does not do certifications by the end of year will also be terminated for lack of certifications)

2019 Supply Pre-Orders:

Pre-order 2019 Enrollment Kits: Information Coming Soon

Pre-order Marketing Materials on the Toolkit: Information Coming Soon

Applications & Submission:

2018 E-Application Cover Sheet

2018 E-Application Agreement and Cover Sheet

COMING SOON – 2019 E-Application Cover Sheet

COMING SOON – 2019 E-Application Agreement and Cover Sheet

SOA Form:

2018 Scope of Appointment Form (must be logged in to view)

COMING SOON – 2019 Scope of Appointment Form