Senior Marketing Specialists Earn Top Net Promotor Score

“At Senior Marketing Specialists, we’ve always put our client’s experience as our number one motivator and reason for doing all that we do”.

~ JoAnn Wray, President of Senior Marketing Specialists

Senior Marketing Specialists earns a Net Promoter Score of 77 putting us in the same top range as Amazon (NPS of 73), USAA (NPS of 75), Zoom (NPS of 72), Netflix (NPS of 67), and many more. Our Net Promoter Score is higher than the NPS of Apple (61) and Google (58)!

What is a Good Net Promoter Score?

NPS ranges from -100 to 100. Of course, being below zero on this scale is not a good sign. 0-30 is good, 30-70 is great, and 70-100 is excellent.

What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric that organizations use to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty toward their brand, product, or service. To calculate this, customers are asked how likely they are to recommend our brand/product/services to others on a scale of 0 to 10. 

After collecting these responses an average percentage is calculated that allows us to see how we’re doing.

Senior Marketing Specialists Earn Top Net Promoter Score , Senior Marketing Specialists Top Net Promoter Score , Senior Marketing Specialists Net Promoter Score

“To have the validation that our score is higher than any industry standard and almost un-attainable in most companies, is another reason I am so incredibly proud of all of our people here”.

~ JoAnn Wray



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