Marketing materials can be the most difficult thing for an independent agent to produce and creating quality marketing pieces can be even trickier. We’ve done the hard part for you by creating quality personalized marketing pieces, specifically available to our direct agents. We believe that our designs will help you create a cohesive marketing identity. Now updated with NEW collections and fun fresh designs, each new AMP piece was meticulously created to personally represent you and your business while touching the hearts and minds of your senior clients.

When you find that perfect fit for your business, simply use the order form on the bottom of that page. Every SMS contracted agent is allowed 2 AMP orders per calendar year, not including the quarterly newsletters. You can also view or download the entire AMP Catalog here.

Welcome to AMP’s year one collection,  the Legacy Collection. Most pieces are available in green or blue. These pieces are clean and straight to the point.

Designs that are fresh, yet timeless. These projects create a sense of professionalism through geometric, clean lines and simplistic patterns.

The Vintage Collection was designed to help recall warm cozy feelings, trust, comforting smells and fond childhood memories of the past.

Featuring stunning images of nature, these pieces effortlessly transport you to fond memories of a favorite mountain getaway or beach vacation.

Each issue of the AMP Quarterly Newsletter contains relevant and interesting information for your clients. It is published four times per year.