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Our “CARE Initiative” is about more than just selling cancer insurance. CARE stands for Cancer Insurance, Awareness, Resources, and Education.


Product Specific


Community Awareness & Involvement


Agent Sales Resources


Cancer Information
and Education

We are raising awareness about a cancer diagnosis’s impact on people’s lives—providing resources to you as the agent and to your clients who might receive this devastating diagnosis.

We Can Help Support You

  • Educate you/your staff on the importance of Cancer Insurance for your agency.
  • Explain why Cancer Insurance should be part of every client’s plan.
  • Provide guidance on selecting a reliable Cancer Insurance policy to offer your clients.
  • Offer training on effectively discussing Cancer Insurance with clients and how to handle their applications.
  • Help promote Cancer Insurance services and support local Cancer charities.

Need training on cancer plans, the products, and how to offer it to your clients? Check out the Cancer Plan Courses on SMS-University.

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