At Senior Marketing Specialists, your Medicare FMO, our passion is serving the senior market and equipping independent agents with Medicare carriers and tools that enable you to thrive, not just survive. SMS has been helping independent agents and agencies succeed in the senior insurance market for over 35 years!

As a Medicare FMO, we have one goal–to do everything we can to help the independent agent become successful in the Senior Market. We genuinely care about the agents we work with and want to help them succeed. We do that through a variety of different ways:

  • Field Support and Training – Let Us Come to You!
  • Years of Experience Within Our Marketing Team
  • The Products Your Clients Want and Need
  • 24/7 Support Through Our Website
  • Top Contracts With the Top Carriers
  • Experienced and Helpful Staff
  • Industry Leading Medicare FMO
  • Customized Lead Programs
  • Superior Training Programs
  • Leading-edge Technology
About Senior Marketing Specialists

Everything we create and every relationship we build is fueled by a passion to help agents succeed in every step of their journey. Find out how we’re different and see why you should choose us as your Medicare FMO.

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A Legacy of Success

About Senior Marketing Specialists

Senior Marketing Specialists

801 Gray Oak Drive, Columbia, MO 65201 | (800) 689-2800 | contact@smsteam.net

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