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A Human Connection: Justin Reinig

Join JoAnn as she talks with Justin Reinig—where he imparts valuable insight into mentoring teenagers and being a leader in his industry. You won’t want to miss this one!

A Human Connection: Brent Ehlers

Join JoAnn as she speaks with Brent Ehlers about his journey in the Medicare industry. Brent highlights the importance of training as you build a business empire and how adapting with industry changes can make or break your business.

A Human Connection: Greg Etchison

You will love Greg’s enthusiasm for this industry and all the people we’ve met along the way. Find out how one wedding changed the course of his entire career (no, it wasn’t his wedding!)


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A Human Connection: Shana Clark

Shana’s history and journey in this business has touched so many. Listen as we reminisce about some of our favorite shared mentors, the losses that have shaped Shana, and where she gets her grit and greatest joy today!

A Human Connection: Kendall Spence

Join us to hear how everything Kendall Spence, a master-class instructor in the hospitality and kindness industry, oversees at Integrity is all about the magic of creating the un-expected. 

A Human Connection: Rick Haberstroh

Join this week’s IN PERSON interview with Rick Haberstroh as he shares his inspiring journey through a life threatening health crisis and his rise to the top of the industry.

A Human Connection: Craig Ritter

Craig Ritter is one of the most successful and influential individuals in our industry – you’re sure to be inspired after listening to Craig talk about his passions and ALL of the places he devotes his time!

A Human Connection: Tom Dempsey

Join JoAnn Wray and Bryan Adams, CEO and co-founder of Integrity Marketing Group, in this replay from Integrity’s Inspire Podcast as they discuss how we can learn, grow, and achieve together by building a foundation of great people.

A Human Connection: Inspire Podcast With Bryan Adams

Join JoAnn Wray and Bryan Adams, CEO and co-founder of Integrity Marketing Group, in this replay from Integrity’s Inspire Podcast as they discuss how we can learn, grow, and achieve together by building a foundation of great people.

A Human Connection: Tim Shook

Everyone knows Tim Shook as one of our industry’s nicest and most kind leaders. Find out where he gets his “calm” and how he maintains his balance

A Human Connection: Sheri Teoli

Like all busy professionals, Sheri has had to balance that work/life juggling act – join us to see what her daughter did that erased any doubts Sheri had. 

A Human Connection: Jacob Knorpp

Jacob Knorpp has been the top producer for Senior Marketing Specialists for so many years- learn how he manages his day, his large family, and what continues to drive him to work harder each day.

A Human Connection: Allen Pauley

Allen is one of the most positive, uplifting, and generous people in this industry! Learn how the basics of watching his father in a service industry laid the groundwork for his journey of positivity!

A Human Connection: Angela Palo

Angela Palo has cut the path and created so many opportunities for so many in this industry. Learn how she found the courage and confidence to be a leader in all aspects of her life and how JoAnn owes her a huge debt of gratitude.

A Human Connection: Chris Kolowich

It’s an honor to have one of our most loyal fans, Chris Kolowich, as a guest today! Hear how Chris has found a way to intertwine his love of sports, photography, and business while he tells us about his greatest mentors in the industry that encourage him to enjoy the journey each day. 

A Human Connection: Jeremie Pielemeier

Listen how Jeremie can turn any situation into what’s best for the other person – whether that’s a potential client, an employee or as a Dad to the fastest girl in the state of Arkansas. 

A Human Connection: Father’s Day Special Edition

Join JoAnn for our Father’s Day Special Edition episode with Father/Son Agent duo, Paul and Noah Kelly. They are the perfect examples of generational transition, succession planning, and setting your company up for future success – all while having the most fun together!

A Human Connection: Featured Guest Ryan Kimble

Ryan Kimble is one of the most successful and respected leaders in our industry – you won’t want to miss his story!

A Human Connection: Featured Guests Kristine & Jared Smiley

Join JoAnn for another fun conversation with mother/son duo Kristine & Jared Smiley! Hear how they are building their business and helping their small town community along the way.

A Human Connection: Mother’s Day Special Edition

Join JoAnn for our Special Mother’s Day Edition episode with Mother/Daughter Agent duo, Cindy Stonum and Amy Stonum Roup. Listen as they talk about the benefits of working together in this business.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Dee Forshee

Join JoAnn as she talks with Dee Forshee, Partner and Agent at Ming Senior Services. Tune in to discover her secret to becoming one of the top salespeople in the country and learn why Dee does NOT consider herself a salesperson at all.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Gordon Brown

Join JoAnn as she talks with Gordon Brown, one of the top Medicare agents in the country. Learn how his business has grown over the years by applying the same principals he applies to his love of adventure and cycling.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Gaylan Hendricks

JoAnn gets the opportunity to sit down with an icon in our industry, Gaylan Hendricks. Listen as they walk through their similar journeys and what continues to drive Gaylan to work harder now more than ever! 

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Cody Askins

Join JoAnn as she sits down with one of the biggest influencers to hit our industry, Cody Askins, Founder of 8% Nation. Learn where Cody got the confidence and drive to accomplish what no one else had been able to do in this industry. So many great lessons are shared, and it’s worth a listen just to hear “a day in the life” of Cody Askins. You’ll want to have a notepad ready for this one!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Caleb Sumner

Join JoAnn as she talks with Caleb Sumner, Owner and President of Sumner Insurance Agency. Caleb has a passion like no other for his clients, his community, his family, and mentoring others in this industry. Learn where Caleb fuels this passion and commitment and the 49 “friends” that keep him humble!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Kathy Price

Join JoAnn Wray, and her guest, Kathy Price as they share some of the disciplines that have made them both very successful, but more importantly, they share the human side of being in this industry. 


A Human Connection: JoAnn Wray with Guest Host Rachel Brammeier

Welcome to Season 2! Listen to this special episode where our host JoAnn shares her personal story of how “leading with love” can create a company culture worth sticking around for.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Anne Wood

Listen in to this special episode as JoAnn sits down with Anne Wood, Integrity’s Chief Marketing Officer, in Integrity’s own series, Women in Leadership. They share insights, experiences, and life lessons from their journeys of being women in executive leadership, the insurance industry, and as moms.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Kasie Kapp

You know that feeling when you meet someone that you instantly connect with and want to know more about? This is one of those people for me. Kasie Kapp shares her journey that led her to the amazing career she now has at Thomas Arts and how the Physical journey was just as important as the Mental journey for her.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Mike White

JoAnn is joined by Mike White, the President of AIMC, but more importantly, a mentor to so many. Mike has built, shaped, and mentored thousands of people in this industry, as well as the other platforms that he and his wife, Anne, lead. Listen to why Mike and JoAnn both feel this is the best time in their lives and in their careers.

A Human Connection – Book Club with Rachel & Will

Join JoAnn and two of her teammates as they review the book, “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown. Each of them share openly how being vulnerable and learning to grow as individuals has been the best recipe for success in all areas of leadership. Rachel Brammeier and Will Pierce join JoAnn on this extra special edition of A Human Connection.


A Human Connection – Featured Guest Dan McNerney Pt.2

We knew that one episode with the one and only Dan McNerney wouldn’t be enough! Join us as we dig deeper into some personal stories from Dan’s journey.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest John Thomas

Join JoAnn as she sits down with “Chief People Officer” for Health & Senior Services for the State of Missouri, John Thomas. John’s background in high school and college football coaching, the ministry, the many leadership courses and degrees he holds, and the HR positions he has supervised will undoubtedly strike home with everyone. Learn why over 90% of your employees might be receptive to leaving and three main things you can start doing today to keep them. Truly a Master’s Course in Leadership!!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Kelly Rayburn

Join JoAnn as she sits down with Kelly Rayburn, National Sales Director of Medico, as they walk through Kelly’s impressive career and even more impressive habits and drive that continues to fuel her each day. Kelly and JoAnn each share the traits that have been the biggest driver for each of their successful careers.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Alicia Hanson

Join JoAnn as she talks to Alicia Hanson, the National Sales Director at Mutual of Omaha, about her career at Mutual, how her parents shaped her work ethic and the one thing she did with her mother before she passed that was so special and something we should all do!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Mari Rose Tautimes

Join JoAnn and her guest, Mari Rose Tautimes, Entrepreneur. From building the family business to building her own business and family, Mari is a master communicator and one of the best visionaries. Don’t miss her emotional walk through her incredible journey.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Dan McNerney

Join JoAnn Wray as she talks with Dan McNerney. Dan has had many titles in his career and has been the mentor of countless people within our company and this entire industry. Listen in as Dan and JoAnn explore their journey together in creating Senior Marketing Specialists and the lessons learned along the way.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Rachael Hurtado

Join JoAnn Wray and her guest Rachael Hurtado. Rachael has had a tremendous career and is now one of the most influential people within UnitedHealthcare. Rachael shares some incredible perils of wisdom in balancing the incredible career she has with family and all the responsibilities that come with each.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Anthony Chapman

Join JoAnn Wray as she talks with Anthony (A.C.) Chapman. AC has been the “coach” to countless people in this industry. From the lessons he learned early in his career from his mom to being a mentor to so many, AC shares his best analogies and words of wisdom.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Kim Clark

Join JoAnn Wray as she talks with Kim Clark. The conversation isn’t about the business side, but the human side of this business in this tremendous industry.

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