Issue Age: 18-89

Lump Sum payout 

Benefit Amount: $5,000 -$75,000

(Increment Amount: $5,000)

Carcinoma in situ -100%

Lookback: 5 years

No Skin Cancer – Malignant Melanoma only

No Height/Weight Chart

Reoccurrence Rider

0 – 2 years = 0%

2 – 5 years = 25%

5 – 7 years = 50%

7 – 9 years = 75%

9+ years = 100%

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Claim Form

Required documents that you or responsible party must submit from provider of service:

  • A pathology report with diagnosis. If a pathological diagnosis cannot be made, we will accept a clinical diagnosis.
  • If patient is deceased, death certificate with diagnosis.
  • Completed Cancer claim form.
    • NOTE: A claim for services must be submitted for claims reimbursement. Always include the policy number on submitted claims. Please sign and return the information release form as we may need to request additional information.


Mailing Address


PO Box 14862 

Lexington, KY 40512 


Fax: (855) 829-4026

See Detailed Claim Submission Requirements Here

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