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It is a true privilege to be an advisor in the senior insurance market, but so many advisors are leaving profits on the table and leaving their clients without comprehensive coverage.

Started as a way to help advisors build complete coverage solutions and maximize their profits and beneficial impact, Talking Medicare has grown into an industry resource, empowering advisors across the county with ideas and knowledge they can use. Pick up your copy of Talking Medicare and start talking Medicare to your clients today!


Retire Right is a personal workbook designed specifically for insurance advisors to coordinate and organize their business and personal life. When a loved one passes, it is a struggle to tie up loose ends. We have seen firsthand the difference proper planning makes in alleviating stress in what is an undoubtedly difficult time.

By completing the Retire Right workbook, you are bestowing the gift of preparation to your loved ones and beneficiaries while securing your legacy and bring your life’s work to a close.

“I was instantly impressed with the amount of research which was put into each topic. [Talking Medicare] was inspired by a real case, a real policyholder, a real problem that needed to be solved.”

“This is exactly what I needed but had no idea how to find… THANK YOU!”

“Dan Mangus, Talking Medicare… AWESOME. Great information, but more importantly his passion instills in me the desire and motivation to work harder and learn more.”

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