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Aetna and Coventry Local Trainings

The 2017 Annual Election Period (AEP) is almost here. Don’t miss your chance to offer Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare products. Make sure to attend a training online or in person for the markets where you plan to sell to learn plan details and more. If you plan to sell in multiple markets, be sure to attend a training for each market. It’s easy to sign up for a training. Just go to https://www.aetnamedicareagenttraining.com/ to find trainings and then register online.

UnitedHealthcare’s Mandatory Tests for Events

There are mandatory tests for any agent listed as the presenting agent for an educational event or marketing/sales event. Events Basics – Includes compliance regulations and rules, policies, and procedures regarding event reporting, conducting educational and/or marketing/sales activities at an event, provider-based activities, and event cancellation procedures.

Note: Events Basics is located in the Electives section of the learning management system.

Why You Should Encourage Use of the Silverscript PDP Mail Order Program

CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy will deliver your maintenance medications safely and conveniently as 90-day supplies.

Save money!

  • Save more than 16% on 90-day copayments for drugs in Tiers 1, 2, and 3 in the Initial Coverage Stage at all Choice retail pharmacies and mail service pharmacy in SilverScript’s network in 2016.
  • There’s no cost for standard shipping of your mail service pharmacy medications anywhere in the U.S.

Save time!

  • Have your maintenance medications on hand when you need them while reducing the time and energy you spend getting them. They will be delivered to your door every three months in tamper-proof, temperature-controlled packaging that’s inspected by a pharmacist for accuracy.
  • You typically will receive your shipment up to 10 business days after the mail service pharmacy receives your order.
  • Plus, you have the option to sign up for automated mail service delivery for added convenience

Questions that may help you get closer to understanding your Medicare coverage needs.

  • Are you in good health or do you have chronic conditions?
  • Which prescription drugs do you take regularly? How much do you spend?
  • Which doctors do you see regularly and for what kind of care?
  • How would you feel about seeing a new doctor?
  • How much do you travel and where?
  • Are you eligible for any health care coverage besides Medicare?
  • Will you keep that coverage when you retire?
  • How much did you spend on health care last year? Do you expect similar costs this year?
  • How does health care fit into your budget?
  • Will you need financial help to pay for Medicare premiums?

Source: Medicare Made Clear – Learning the basics of Medicare.


Wellcare Certification Reminder

WellCare’s 2017 annual training requirements must be completed no later than 9/30/16 to avoid suspension from marketing/selling WellCare products.

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