You could scroll through pages and pages of Google searches (who does that?) and discover a thousand different buzzwords that are supposed to increase your sales. But who could possibly use that many words in an appointment? Instead of having to sort through all those results, we thought you would enjoy a list of our very favorite buzzwords. Try implementing these six awesome words into your sales appointments and see how your clients respond!


#1. Because

Using the word “because” gives your statement purpose and your client a reason to keep listening. “Because” will increase the credibility of what you say and put your clients more at ease during a sales presentation.


Example: “My clients refer me because I am always happy to answer their questions.”

Example: “I recommend this company because of the stable rate history.”


#2. You

Make everything about your client and personalize your service to them. They want to know how you and the products you offer can benefit them. When you thank them, say, “It was a pleasure meeting with you. Thank you for your time.” This emphasizes the client. Do not say, “Thank you for meeting with me. I am so grateful for your time.” This statement highlights your feelings.


Example: “This plan will keep you out of the nursing home.”


#3. Now

This word creates a sense of urgency without being pushy. It also assures your client that they will get quick or instantaneous service.


Example: “Right now is the best time to sign up for this plan.”

Example: “We can get your policy number right now with a telephonic application.”


#4. Free

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Emphasize your free services and the extras that carriers offer when you sign up for a particular plan. This way, clients are reminded of the benefits available to them.


Example: “I will file this claim for you for free.”

Example: “This plan comes with a free gym membership.”


#5. Certified

Clients feel safe when they know you and the products you endorse are legitimate. Take the time to share carrier credentials and showcase your licenses and certificates.


Example: “This company is certified to offer Medicare Supplements in your area.”

Example: “I am certified to sell life and health insurance in the state of Texas.”


#6. Thanks

“Thanks” or “Thank you” is incredibly powerful. It shows clients that you appreciate them. Always thank clients before and after sales appointments and with a hand-written thank you card in the mail.


Example: “Mrs. O’Neil, Thank you so much for your time.”


As you can see, these words aren’t long, complicated, or difficult to pronounce. But they are persuasive. These six awesome words, if used correctly, can be game changers for your business. So go ahead and try them out! What’s the worst that could happen?


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