Here at Senior Marketing Specialists, we don’t see our agents as numbers. We see you as people, people we genuinely care about. We care so much that we not only want to help you improve your business, but also your health. Our Agent Care and Encouragement (ACE) program is focused on educating agents about what they can do to keep their minds and bodies in top shape. This week’s topic is over the benefits of lifting heavy weights. We know how much you care about your business, but we’re here to remind you that your business can’t flourish if you don’t! Look for an ACE post every Friday for additional tips.


The Benefits of Lifting Heavy Weights

Before you disregard this post, remember that “heavy” is a relative term. It all depends on your capabilities and comfort level. The article, Seven Reasons Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights, emphasizes “heavy” weight lifting because it’s important that you challenge yourself. It also discusses that heavy weight lifting produces better results than high rep/low weight workouts. Written by the Poliquin Group Editorial Staff, on main.poliquingroup.com, this article covers many reasons to lift heavy weights, which you can read in depth, but we’d like to focus on two (6 and 7).


Lifting heavy weights helps you…

  1. Build strength faster
  2. Build muscle and improve physique
  3. Have an easier time getting “toned”
  4. Burn more calories and lose more body fat
  5. Gain confidence and drive from competing with yourself
  6. Improve the health of other systems in your body
    • This includes your brain, heart, hormones, and metabolism.
    • The brain plays a large part in athletic performance.
    • A combination of three different weight loads was found to stimulate many parts of the brain and muscles.
      1. Volume-based
      2. Light weight/explosive movement
      3. Heaviest Weights
  7. Strengthen connective tissues and bone
    • Lifting heavy weights is protective.
    • It helps with endurance.
    • Heavy weights put bones through remodeling, which helps them become stronger.
    • The fastest way to strengthen connective tissue is through eccentric training.
    • Make sure to allow adequate recovery time between heavy weight training.


How SMS Can Help

While we can’t hit the gym with you, we’d love to take care of a few things so you have more time to do so. Here are some services we suggest taking advantage of:

Marketing Pieces: The SMS Agent Marketing Portfolio (AMP) program is available to all Senior Marketing Specialists contracted agents. These generic marketing pieces are customizable and come in a variety of colors to showcase the style of your business. Don’t spend time making your own marketing pieces! Simply order your favorite ones from our professionally designed AMP program and we’ll take it from there.

Social Media Training: Don’t spend gym time doing research for your social media. We already did! Online platforms are becoming more and more important to agents. If you are interested in starting or improving your social media sites, check out our social media page or give us a call!

SMS Quote Engine: Forget running quotes on multiple sites to see who is most competitive. Our quote engine allows you to quote Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Hospital Indemnity, Final Expense, and DVH plans! We constantly update rates and provide you with rate reports, underwriting information, and a Fill-the-Gaps tool for MA and Hospital Indemnity. Save even more time by quoting on the go with our mobile app!


For additional services, support, and tips, contact us! 800-689-2800

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