Disenrollment Surveys Can Help Save Your Book of Business!

Written by Chalen Jackson

No one enjoys losing a client, but if you have a large enough book of business and are in this line of work long enough, it does happen on occasion. It can be tempting to get upset, wonder why, or pick up the phone and ask what went wrong. However, it’s important to remember that there are rules about contacting former clients that have enrolled elsewhere. As we look at OEP and and start checking our books for missing clients, consider incorporating disenrollment surveys as a retention tool!

Disenrollment surveys are permitted communication to send to beneficiaries who have disenrolled from the plan you previously wrote for them and went with another agent. As we know, sometimes beneficiaries may unwittingly make a plan change and could genuinely need help getting back to a more appropriate fit. Sometimes clients leave for valid reasons, and you should welcome honest feedback as to why to help improve your business.

The sample email below includes a simple disenrollment survey that can help catch unintended disenrollments and generate feedback. It can help you avoid prohibited marketing while still collecting valuable data and driving retention!

Sample Survey Email

We recently noticed your policy with us has lapsed due to your enrolling with a different company. We hate to see clients leave us and want to know how we can improve our services in the future. Please consider leaving us some feedback on the areas below.


  • What prompted your plan change?
  • DId you work with another local agent, enroll online, or receive a phone call to enroll?
  • Other than plan benefits, was there a reason you made the change with another agent?
  • Would you consider working with us again in the future?


We appreciate your feedback and regret that we will no longer be assisting you with your Medicare Health Plan needs. If you did not intend to make this change or feel a mistake has been made, please call us at {phone} or respond to this email requesting a call or appointment.

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