Integrity LeadCENTER

Integrity LeadCENTER

Your one-stop-shop for high quality leads

As the leading independent distributor of life and health insurance leads and products, Integrity’s centralized approach allows agents a platform for growth, connecting you with lead providers from a variety of sources. 

LeadCENTER delivers compliant leads to you and your agents with just a few clicks!  Utilize LeadCENTER to browse, purchase and manage leads — all in one place!

With LeadCENTER, building business is simpler than ever with:

  • Compliant and exclusive leads
  • Heatmap searching of leads by county and type
  • Management of existing leads
  • Lead notifications
  • Immediate access to new leads
LeadCENTER is everything you need, so you can focus on what matters!
Integrity LeadCENTER Search by Location

Search By Location

Access Integrity’s Lead Database and drill down into leads within a specific geographical area using interactive heat-maps from a variety of sources.

Access Lead Varieties and Product Options

With a variety of lead types for multiple products (Medicare, final expense, etc.), agents can reach a large range of prospects at any stage in the clients lifecycle.  Sourced from a variety of channels including direct mail, social media, search engines, find the best prospect for your business needs.

Integrity LeadCENTER Product Options
Integrity LeadCENTER Lead Management

Contact Management

Track all of your lead information using Integrity’s built in CRM.  Spend less time on paperwork and more time on your following up on your leads and clients’ needs.

Why is ILC the best for your needs?

ILC Leads are 100% verified and updated regularly via TrustedForm Certified Leads, Trusted LeadiD Jornaya and/or a Direct Mail certified reply card.  You will never doubt the authenticity of your leads.

Integrity LeadCENTER Tablet Coupons

Integrity LeadCENTER

Integrity Marketing Group is leveraging their buying prowess and bulk discounts, their “Buy-per-Lead” (BPL) model enables insurance agents to acquire fresh, quality leads at a low cost.  This is why ILC is your single source for high quality leads that will help you grow your business.  Integrity works directly with the lead providers as well as their own proprietary sources to offer the newest and most exclusive leads nationwide.

AMP, Agent Marketing Portfolio

The Agent Marketing Portfolio (AMP) catalog is an exclusive offer to contracted agents.

Order your custom personalized marketing pieces today! 

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