What is National Medicare Education Week?

Several years ago, UnitedHealthcare created National Medicare Education Week (NMEW), which is celebrated annually from September 15-21. The week was invented to help Medicare beneficiaries understand the basics of Medicare and Medicare insurance options. It always begins exactly one month before the start of the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (October 15- December 7), when beneficiaries can make changes to their coverage.


When is National Medicare Education Week?

Thursday, September 15th to Wednesday, September 21st

Check out the Medicare Made Clear website to see if there will be events near you!


How can I make the most of it?

The UnitedHealthcare Agent Toolkit has materials and resources to help you execute your own NMEW event*! These materials are made with you in mind. Create your own pieces to help you develop connections within your market while drawing from the widespread “buzz” around NMEW. Go to the Medicare Made Clear folder in the toolkit to view the “NMEW Event-In-A-Box” materials.


Where do I find the marketing pieces?

1) Login to Unitedhealthproducers.com

2) Product Information & Materials

3) Agent Toolkit (disable popup blockers)

4) English Material

5) Medicare Made Clear Materials and National Medicare Education Week Materials Folder


Here you will find multiple customizable materials focused specifically on National Medicare Education Week! If you would like us to customize some of these pieces for you, please give Senior Marketing Specialists a call!


National Medicare Education Week is a great opportunity to get your name out there before AEP. If you need more guidance or ideas about how to execute an event, feel free to contact us! 800-689-2800


*Note: As a reminder, all NMEW events must be reported and conducted as educational events. Refer to the Agent Guide, available on the Distribution Portal for guidelines that must be followed when conducting and educational event. Agents must pass the Events Basics module prior to reporting and conducting any educational or marketing/sales event.

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