Here at Senior Marketing Specialists, we go above and beyond for our agents. We provide you with all the information you need to submit an application yourself, but we also offer a Medicare application scrubbing and enrollment service! If you write UnitedHealthcare, you may want to consider taking advantage of this service during AEP.


Submitting a Medicare Application

There are a few ways an application can get from you to a carrier.

  1. You send it in through an online enrollment platform.
  2. You send it in the traditional way, with a paper application.
  3. SMS sends it in after you fax or email us the application

We recommend using UHC’s LEAN. This is because the program is calibrated to alert you of errors and does not let you proceed until the application is completed correctly. This allows you to enroll a client right there during your meeting, which cuts down on processing time and mistakes.

While we urge you to take advantage of online submission, we understand some agents prefer the traditional paper method. If so, consider utilizing Senior Marketing Specialists’ application scrubbing and enrollment service.


SMS Medicare Application Service Features

When you send us your UnitedHealthcare MA, PDP, or MAPD applications, you can be sure we will:

  1. Confirm your Appointment and Certifications: We double-check that you are certified to write that product to avoid non-commissionable policies and termination.
  2. Scrub the Application for Accuracy: Before entering the application, we make sure all signatures are present, the election period is correct, and other important information is included and up-to-date.
  3. Notify you of Errors: If we find a mistake that would normally cause your application pend, we will contact you with the necessary steps to amend the issue. This helps you avoid the long process of correcting a pending application after it has been submitted to the carrier. Your application is only sent straight to the carrier if we notify you of a mistake and you fail to reply within 24 hours.
  4. Enter Your Application Within 3 Days: Our three-day turn around rule ensures your application’s prompt enrollment. Please be mindful of the large volume of applications we receive each day. Understand we process applications in the order we receive them.
  5. Send you a Confirmation Email: Once we submit your application to the carrier, we will notify you via email.


Getting Your Medicare Application to SMS

If you choose you use our application service, please use the following methods to submit your application to Senior Marketing Specialists.

  1. Email – fax@smsteam.net: Simply scan your paper application into your computer, then send the file to our enrollment email.
  2. Fax – (800) 581-3657
  3. Fax – (573) 817-0428


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For additional AEP help and questions about our E-enroll team, contact us! 800-689-2800

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