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When your neighbors, friends, and others in your local community think about Medicare does your name come up? If you are not actively marketing to your local market, then the answer is probably not!

We have seen numerous agents and agencies have great success with only focusing on their local market. How do they do it? Here are some top tips to get you going:

Local Medicare Expert

Local Ads

Local ads may not be as expensive as you think, especially advertisements that focus on a smaller market segment such as seniors. These can be television ads, radio spots, online, social media, etc. Naturally, television and radio are two of the more expensive types of advertising, but there are other ways to get your name out there that are far less of an investment.  

If you are on a limited budget, social media is wildly popular with senior citizens. Facebook ads or boosted posts can be far less expensive with just as great of reach.

Local Icons

Chances are there are already extremely popular businesses in your market. Some of these businesses may already service the senior population but do not offer any Medicare guidance. These can be pharmacies, P&C agents (look at the billboards in your area, who is on there?), CPA’s, etc. Introduce yourself and start to cultivate a relationship with them to offer Medicare guidance to their clients.


Who doesn’t love a volunteer? When you volunteer, you are saying to the world, “this is important, and I am willing to give back to my community or this cause without financial expectations.” Volunteering does not have to be a huge time commitment either. Depending on the organization and your involvement, you may only have to commit to a few hours a month. Even if the cause is not based around senior citizens, the fact you volunteer will put you in a better light with your community and clients.

Join Local Business Clubs

The most obvious choice is the local Chamber of Commerce. While this is a business-to-business-based organization, many local small businesses are rooted in their community, and word of mouth can spread very easily. Other options can be local referral groups, such as BNI.  

Senior Centers

You should know your local senior center. We have repeated time and time, “Go to where the seniors are.” The senior center is designed to give some community to your senior population. You may be thinking, “Why isn’t this under volunteering? Wouldn’t this be an obvious place to volunteer my time?” Yes, this would be a great place to volunteer if they allow it. 

I have offered to volunteer at senior centers, and they would not allow any licensed or sales-based individuals to volunteer. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You may be able to host talks about Medicare and other senior topics under the guidance that no selling would ever be done on-premises. This has allowed me to present at numerous senior centers.  

Bonus Tip:

While you are at the senior center, check out the community board or table and see who else is offering their guidance. Then reach out and offer to do some co-op promotions or talks if the match is right!

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