Medicare Café – How Will Your Clients Remember You This AEP?

When it comes to your clients and Medicare’s AEP, there are 3 main goals:

  1. Keep clients who are changing plans on the books.

  2. Keep clients who are staying on the same plan on the books.

  3. Keep clients who want to add to their coverage on the books.

See a pattern there? The main goal is to make sure no clients leave you regardless of their actions in AEP. 

medicare aep

This doesn’t seem too difficult until you realize there are numerous multimillion-dollar ad campaigns being splashed around every form of communication available: tv, radio, email, social media, mailers, etc.

So, what do you do?  Here are some ideas to get you in front of your clients more this AEP:

  1. Send them a communication now. Don’t want until 10/1. Everyone is waiting until 10/1 to open the marketing machine up. However, since they are your clients and you have an established relationship with them, you can send them a communication now!
  2. Don’t just use one form of communication. Don’t just send them some form letter thinking that solves the issue. That may work for some clients, but what about the rest? Send them all a letter saying their annual review is coming up, then send out a digital newsletter. Send them personalized emails—post on social media. Start calling them. Send them a text. Hypothetically, if each form of communication works for only 20% of your clients, you need at least 5 forms to reach 100%. But, if you don’t know how much each form covers, then do all you can because your competition will be doing all they can to enroll them away from you!
  3. Do this all through AEP. Many agents will do this once, at the beginning of AEP, and then think, “well they all got letters from me. That should fend off all those other ads that run non-stop until December 7th!” Will it? Once you run your initial campaign, do it again. And again. You can mix the message from their MA or Medicare Supplement to dental, or cancer, or some other form of coverage.

If your clients are not hearing from you in AEP, they will be hearing from everyone else. The less you communicate with them, the more opportunity you are giving your competition.

Need some materials? Make sure you check out our AEP Toolkit where you can personalize letters to help your clients with all the above!  CLICK HERE to access!

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